What’s a Podcast RSS Feed and Why Should I Care?

There are tons of unfamiliar terms and abbreviations that can sound scary if you want to start a podcast but don’t consider yourself a “techie” kind of person.

Fortunately, RSS feeds are wonderful things that make getting your podcast into the hands – er ears – of your audience easy and automatically.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it really does make the distribution of your podcast simple. After your RSS feed is set up and pushing your content out to different listeners and directories, there’s really nothing for you to do.

Once someone accesses and subscribes to the RSS feed of your podcast, they are delivered updated episodes automatically every time you publish.

What's a Podcast RSS Feed and Why Should I Care?

The biggest mistake I see when people try to put their RSS feed into directories and embedded players like the one here at Radio Fido, is that they confuse their RSS feed with their Apple Podcasts feed.

And fair enough. This stuff can be confusing.

Your RSS feed is provided by your podcast hosting company. They all tend to look slightly different, but the format is similar enough that you can find them pretty easily.

To get your Buzzsprout RSS feed, you can go through your dashboard easily enough, but if you know have your Buzzprout-provided website handy, there’s an easy way to change that to the RSS feed format.

Simply add feeds. before buzzsprout.com/123456 (obviously substituting your own Buzzsprout number instead of 123456) and add .rss to the end of it!

If you’ve done it right, you’ll end up with something looking like this in the address bar: feeds.buzzsprout.com/123456.rss

And something like this if you actually view the page!

What's a Podcast RSS Feed and Why Should I Care?

Looks like a bunch of gibberish, right?

Well, this bunch of gibberish gives you that fancy looking embedded podcast player on your Radio Fido profile. This player actually uses your RSS feed to deliver the most up to date episodes to your visitors, as soon as you upload them.

Here are some links to helpful articles for a few of the popular podcast hosting companies:

Need a hand finding your RSS feed info? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help 🙂