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About our Founder

Hi, I'm Lee Ann 🙂

And I know how important it is for you to make your voice heard!

That’s why at Radio Fido, I’m personally committed to providing the best in tools and education to help you grow your brand, your business, and your audience, no matter where you are on this great big podcasting journey!

You know that feeling you get when a great story gets you choked up with emotion and you’re fighting back tears about a character you’ve never even met?

Or how you get those goosebumps on the back of your neck that make your hair stand on end when you hear an amazing piece of music? 

Or when you’re so deep in a conversation with someone, when you look up at the time, you realize that an hour’s passed in seemingly seconds?

There’s something special that happens when you connect with someone through audio. 


Something that’s missed with all those static Instagram images and blog posts.

Sure, there’s a time and a place for all that, but if you want to really connect with your audience, there’s no better way than with something as personal as your voice. 

And podcasting is the least crowded, fastest growing space for entrepreneurs and small business owners to reach new audiences and make powerful, meaningful connections that translate to real sales.

My Background


I’ve been a lover of sound and music for as long as I can remember.

One of my first memories of my childhood is of me at 3 or so, singing to cheer up my mom after I’d ticked her off somehow. I started playing the piano when I was 6, moving on to guitar later in elementary, then bass guitar and upright bass from age 13 to *ahem* present.

Always the kid to take thing apart and put them back together to see how they worked, I started messing around with recording and editing in 7th grade.

After graduation, I continued to focus my education and career on sound, studying Music Synthesis at Berklee College of Music, then going on to design and install integrated whole home audio systems and home theatres. 

In 2001, I moved to the UK to pursue studies in another area of fascination for me – communication and language. While there studying speech science and linguistics, I found my way back into music and sound engineering, working as an audio technician at one of London’s most popular studios. 

During my time at the Joint, I had the privilege of working with artists such as Stereolab, the Sneaker Pimps, and many Island records artists.

I’ve been a certified, practicing speech-language pathologist since 2014, specializing in high-tech voice output systems. This, my audio tech background combined with my hands-on clinical experience in effective interpersonal communication, gives me a unique approach to podcast coaching that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

I’m positive that whether you’re looking for technical advice, a helping hand, or someone to coach you through the whole process from equipment to delivery, you’ll find it here.

Thanks for joining me!

Just Giving Some FAQs

Why is it called the Collaborative?

I believe there’s strength in numbers. And I also believe that with so many small businesses competing for the same space, it seems silly to NOT work together to make a greater impact. 

What’s the best, free way to promote your podcast? By partnering with others in your niche to share guest appearances and promotions! Our platform has been built with collaboration and community in mind so you can make new connections and reach your goals together.

What makes you Different?

Well, for one, I actually care! One of the things that really lights me up is helping people grow their businesses through smart use of technology. That’s why Radio Fido was built to be way more than your standard, podcast directory. 

I‘ve surveyed hundreds of creative entrepreneurs and small business owners and have integrated the most requested features like a promoted product gallery, video, and extra visibility to actually attract visitors and convert them to clients. 

How do I list my Podcast?

Signing up your podcast is simple and takes about 3 minutes to complete the listing with your show’s important details.

If you want to take advantage of our embedded audio player, please remember to include your show’s RSS feed from your podcast host. Remember, we’re here to help, so if you have any questions, please reach out and we’ll get it sorted out together 🙂

Step 1

Select Your Plan & Features

All of our plans, from basic to premium give you the tools you need to show off your podcast, from an embedded podcast player to your own stats dashboard.

Step 2

Create an Awesome Listing Page

Brand your listing with a great description, eye-catching graphics, a video to showcase yourself, and products/services that you can sell right from your profile!

Step 3

Collaborate & Grow Your Show

There's strength in numbers, so why grow alone? Connect and collaborate with others in your niche for guest appearances, sponsorships, and more exposure!

Start growing now!

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