Collaborative Podcasting

(verb) - the act of joining forces with other podcasters to harness the power of each other's networks and knowledge in order to market, monetize, and maximize your podcast's growth

Operation Overload...

That’s what podcasting can feel like sometimes, right?

Whether you’re starting fresh or already have a few episodes under your belt, there always seems to be one more thing to do, just one more thing to learn, to try…

It’s freaking overwhelming!

In a perfect world there would be time to learn and execute it all consistently, but this is real life and you have other priorities to your business, yourself, and your family.

Here at Radio Fido, we have one goal: we want you to be successful with your podcast, no matter where you are on your journey.

Here's How It Works:

Step #1

List your podcast

Join our pack of podcasters and set up your podcast profile with embedded player, host bio, YouTube video, featured topics and more

Step #2

Grow your audience

Promoting your podcast is easy with built-in social media sharing features and a growing network of guest collaborators to work with

Step #3

Make it pay off

Monetize your podcast with an expanded profile to showcase your featured products and services to potential partners and affiliates

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What We Do:

From startup to production, editing, and marketing… as podcasters ourselves, we know firsthand how overwhelming all those moving parts are to stay on top of. And as much as you love podcasting, the amount of work for one person to grow a podcast alone can be exhausting!

It’s frustrating to know that if you had more time, a larger following, or a bigger promotion budget, you could be bringing in more listeners, growing your audience beyond your existing network, and frankly, making more money.

Enter Radio Fido.

At its core, Radio Fido is a collaborative podcast directory, created for podcasters by podcasters. But it’s so much more than just a directory. 

Our growing network actively supports collaboration between our podcasters to help you expand your audience, meet new guests, collaborate with affiliate partners and sponsors, and sell more of your own products and services. 

It’s our goal to help your podcast become successful so you can gain new customers and grow your brand in the fastest-growing form of media of this decade. 


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